how to partition windows 7,8,10 without formatting


another fresh post!and  we are going to talk about how to partition a laptop without getting to wipe your hard-disk.
you must have tried to partition your computer drive and you find out is a bit difficult! and more easier when you are installing new operating system., maybe windows 7,8. or 10 but the fact is that you have already finish the whole new windows installation process and you cannot revert it!!  

i will be showing you a step by step process on how to partition or shrink your computer hard-disk space on full desktop view without formatting,   How to reset a password for Windows 10 without losing data

STEP 1: on your computer desktop, hover your mouse on this pc icon or computer icon and right click it, select manage

STEP 2: on the menu drop down of step 1, look down and select disk management,on disk management you can see drive 0, system reserve,drive c!

STEP 3: hover your mouse on any drive you want to partition and right click it, select shrink volume,wait for the query to complete and a new window will pop on! from there  you can type in the number of space you want your new partition to contain,  for instance we want a new 100 gigabyte of space,since it is calculated in megabyte so lets simply type in 100,000 mb which is equal as 100gb of new space when our shrink is completed..... now click the shrink button

STEP  4:right click on the new partition you just created  and select new simple volume,new partion set up wizard will lunch, click next and follow set up instruction,assign the drive letter on a drop down or simply leave it on default, continue to click the next button until the set up is complete,  when the wizard is complete you should be able to see a fresh space that you can store your files and even create new folders

if you have follow all the steps from 1 to 4 am sure you  should be able to create your new partition without formatting  your pc,drop a comment if you need further assistant,do you know other method to create a partition? share on the comment box bellow!


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