today we are going to talk about different proven ways AN entrepreneur or non entrepreneur can make genuine money online using his/her computer or smart phone at the comfort of their home, with few requirement which are:

  • you must have a computer or smart phone
  • must have access to internet
  • data or wifi network
if you have the requirement above then you are in one more step to start making your money online today{hey! don't tell me you don't have because if you can view this blog today then you do}
after all; have it in mind that the road to success is not smooth, to be successful in any online business you must to be patient,work hard,keep on doing it,learn to do it  gradually, love what you do, and last when it start paying,, don't quit.now lets jump straight to  HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE .WHICH IS OUR FOCUS so grab a cup of coffee while reading

we are going to look at how to make money using the following method

NETWORK MARKTING  is one of the  easiest ways to earn  some bulks online without been defrauded rather  than some other online business that promise to get rich over night without any product or services to render allthough network marketing is not a get rich quick scheme.your effort determines your earnings 

network marketing {MLM} company is derived from a non-salaried workforce selling the company's products/services, while the earnings of the participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped or binary compensation commission system.
so in other for mlm to have a sustainable system they make commission from the product/services they render or recruit
Although each MLM company dictates its own specific financial compensation plan for the payout of any earnings to their respective participants..they are many mlm company that are genuine online today like www.rechargeandgetpaid.com.


do your personal finding on any network marketing  before you sign up.on the time of writing this post we are still verifying good paying mlm company so do well to come back, we will update them here. and if you are into any network marketing you can post a link in the comment box,you might find a partner and be ready to ask any question related to it NO SPAM


Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.
affiliate commission plan

affiliate marketing is quite different from mlm, in affiliate marketing  you are not required to any 
capital to start,simply sign up to any genuine affiliate program  and start promoting their product/services, to each sales you make,you earn percentage varies on how many percentage the company offer on a particular product,the higher the amount you sale,the higher the commission you earn. you can make a good income if you choose the right product..COMPANY LIKE MARKETHEALTH, AMAZON, EBAY, CLICKBANK ARE GOOD EXAMPLE  OF genuine company that  offers good payplan up to %50 on affiliate marketing THOUGH AMONG ALL AM MORE FAMILIAR WITH MARKETHEALTH sign up here

remember: you can start affiliate marketing with zero capital. so don't be scared to give it a try,.

tips:promote your product on any social handle like facebook,twitter.printest and the rest... creating a facebook page for your product is a good point to start with. share your product link to friends and family


IF YOU ARE DESPERATE TO START MAKING MONEY WITH  CRYPTO CURRENCY THEN this is for you,nevertheless any body can do it, like in any other offline business so as this !so you got to get yourself prepare before you venture into this business  the greatest part of it is that they are many ways you can make money from crypto currency which include:

  • crypto currency minig
  • cyto trading

we are going to pick them ONE after the other but before we proceed let's  know what cryto currency is:   according to wikipedia;

A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets.
 and they are different types of crypto currency which include,bitcoin.bitcoin cash,litecoin, ethureum, etc, 

ok' i know you must be tired of reading by now so lets get straight to how you can make money  MINING CRYTO CURRENCY LIKE BITCOIN

Before you can even start thinking about starting a crypto business, you need to get yourself  cypto wallet{ Bitcoin wallet or any wallet that support a particular cryto currency that you want to mine}. As Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, you cannot store it in your actual wallet or even in a bank account (that is, without converting it into another curency). Therefore, snag yourself a CRYPTO WALLET [Bitcoin wallet] at coinbase.com,blockchain,localbitcoins.net. Here are all the ways you can start;

Probably the easiest way of starting a cryto currency business  is to mine it yourself. As long as you can mine {Bitcoins,litecoin etc} you can then sell them to any eager buyer out there. And they can be in any part of the world! You can mine your coins and then find a buyer online via localbitcoins.com or a similar service. However, as Bitcoin has grown in popularity in the past few years, Bitcoin mining is no small feat. If you want to earn and not buy Bitcoin , you are going to need either a very powerful computer or a special machine made just for mining . Neither of those things are cheap. That said, if you want to start your own cryto  business, you should be ready to invest a lot of money and expect a loss in the process at least once in the business. After all, the world of cryptocurrencies is not for the meek. 



Another way you can make a fortune with the help of CRYTO currency is trading{bitcoin,litecoin,etherum}. For this, you need to be well versed in the market tendencies. You can buy Bitcoin when it's price drops and then resell it when it's price rises. 

Just like any other business, this is not a risk-free option. You might not be able to predict the price fluctuations well enough to make a profit everytime. To add to that, you would need to have a starting capital to get into it. But if you do get into it and do it right, you can become rich very fast. If you want to buy and sell Bitcoins, you can visit luno.live, remitano.com to trade your physical money for[ Bitcoins,litecoin etc] and vice versa. If you want to trade in a different currency, you can use the aforementioned localbitcoins.com or other similarly trustworthy sites.


If you have plenty of money to spare and do not want to bother with anything too complicated, you can always just invest in Bitcoins,LITECOIN ETC. Taking into account how much it has grown over the years, there is a fair chance you might wake up a millionaire one day!

Just think about it, one Bitcoin used to cost $750 — $1,000 back in 2014. Today, it costs almost $13,870.25. Imagine how much richer you would have been if you invested in it Four years ago. Taking into account that all Bitcoins are going to be mined soon, their price will most likely rise, so get them while they are hot! 

That said, do not, i repeat, do not invest your last money in Bitcoin. Invest only the amount you are ready to part with. View it as a possible opportunity and not as a definite source of income. With this kind of mindset, no fluctuations in the Bitcoin price will bother you too much. coinmarket is the best place to watch your bitcoin growth

with all the method listed above seems not to have a free method to earn free crypto currency! curious right! 
for free bitcoin hunters here are the best option for you to try

  • If you feel like you do not have any relevant skills to offer and you cannot afford to buy Bitcoin, do not despair. There is an option for you too. For this, all you need is Internet and plenty of free time. You can go to such websites as coinworker.com or coinad.com and earn Bitcoins just by watching ads, taking surveys or clicking links. Of course, it does not pay all that well, but you have to start somewhere, right? 

  • If you feel like you do not have any relevant skills to offer and you cannot afford to buy Bitcoin, do not despair. There is an option for you too. For this, all you need is Internet and plenty of free time. You can go to such websites as coinworker.com or coinad.com and earn Bitcoins just by watching ads, taking surveys or clicking links. Of course, it does not pay all that well, but you have to start somewhere, right? 

we have come to an end of our business talk on how to make it online, so we believe by now you must have  decide on which of the business you will like to start,there is no harm in trying, start from somewhere.
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