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Want to know more about our services?? You are at the right place. I am EZEKIEL IDUNG a developer and C.E.O of this blog. We specialize on educating internet users globally who are interesting in learning new things and doing things on their own, our knowledge base system and our team of computer expert, we have been focusing on writing educational articles on how to manually solve most of the world I.C.T problem, we have strong face in the I.C.T industry with many years experience while we have obtain degrees in computer software /hardware engineers.  So any information found on the website page is relevant. Our aim is to impact everyone with legitimate information concerning our focus therefore we are strategies in any angle and always ready to help, so we are please to inform visitors and subscribers to please contact us though our webmail: @ict-tech.com.ng@gmail.com, we will be glad to assist you. We also have team who are Technicians, computer engineers and graphics designer.