why my computer won't turn on?


they are many of factors to consider when it comes to computer not powering on.maybe on emergency situation when you have important information to process or even maybe you are working on your computer and it suddenly crash, without powering on again. you can get a pretty good idea by noting how and when the PC fails. If you press the power button and nothing happens, you've got a very different problem than if the PC starts but Windows never loads

at this point they are many stuff that can cause  a computer not to turn on  and things to try out which can resolve the problem

though if your computer power on but slow, check this out tips-to-boost-computer-performance

why won't my computer turn on?

Instead of panicking right away, take a look at your PC and the connected components. In particular, check the following:

  • check connection between battery and the battery connector: take a good look at the fitting between your battery and the connector,, in some cases if the battery is not properly seat or shifted, it can cause your computer a sudden shutdown  and will not  turn on even you tried powering it on unless it is connected to external power source.                    you can also read>SYMPTOMS OF A BAD/ PARTIALLY BAD RAM AND HOW TO DIAGNOSE

  • check power cord: some computer run on direct current from external source like current from generator or even uninterruptible power supply [u.p.s,] desktop computer is one example of computer that run on external power source since they do not have battery unlike laptops, so make sure your power cod from any external supply source is properly connected or  is still working. if no,, then you know what to replace.

  • check that all cables are properly connected: in desktop computer when power cod is connected to power source and plug in to desktop power  pack,this power pack then transport current to the motherboard through a wire from the power pack to motherboard and to other essential computer part that required current to work{ all component must receive current] so in this case, if the wire from power pack to mother board is not properly connected or not passing current or the wire is burnt,damage then the computer will not power on because either c.p.u, r.a.m. motherboard etc is not receiving current to power on.  this is also regard to  as, a failed hardware in a computer.''''

  • check that power button cable is properly connected to motherboard: most computer like laptops, have a flex that connect between power button extension board to motherboard and if this flex's is damage or have a partial contact,, the PC might not  turn because the flex that transfer command to motherboard is  not properly connected or have a partial contact: make sure this is properly fix else you know what to change.

  • c.m.o.s: this in known as complementary metal oxide semi-conductor: you might be wondering why i include cmos battery as a factor. well let make this clear,  a death cmos battery can grind a motherboard thereby sending  a negative  command to the c.p.u each time you power on your computer,,i have work on a death computer board, diagnosing, servicing trouble shooting here and there without solution until when i remove the cmos, and the system was able to come up{don't hesitate to do your research on this. this is personal discovery}this might not be a solution to you but it solve my problem.

i.c and other relevant  hardware that can contribute to this problem: by using a multi meter and other diagnosing tools, you should test each electronic component on the motherboard to find out the particular one that is faulty or causing the problems,,like capacitors,diode,relay and so on.

  • motherboard: if all mention above does not work,, then u have really got a problem on the board,, maybe some connection on the motherboard is broken,  and you might find it really difficult to find and replace the faulty component if you are not an expert. in this case,,replacing your motherboard is a quick solution to it and you can easily get it online either from amazon.com or alibaba.


  • over heating: if your computer has been extremely hot before it sudden sleep then the cause can be from the overheating,though a normal working computer is suppose to be warn usually intel processor or cold, check well that the cooling fan in the computer is working, clean any dust,if not then you know what to replace
to prevent your computer board from damage, always service the motherboard within every six month,avoid overheating


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